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BEFORE continuing to the booking form below, be sure to read the following:

I’m normally in my Milton Keynes play space MK9 for incalls, working 10am to 7pm.

Bookings are to be made in advance, same day bookings are charged a premium rate.  No deposit = no booking.  Deposit is £80 up front and non refundable.

I do tour, taking bookings for the following locations are taken ONE month in advance.  I offer a few options for each location; domestic hotels, Airbnb’s, dungeon venue’s.  Locations: London, Walsall, Birmingham, Oxford.

Time booked minimum is 60 minutes, though I prefer 2hrs.

MK9 pricing from £180 for 60 minutes booked in advance.  Same day bookings carry a premium charge from £280 for 60 minutes.

Touring pricing starting from £200 for 60 minutes for domestic, from £250 for 60 minutes for hotel/airbnb/dungeon.

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